About "The Elvis Concert" with Pete Paquette

Pete is one of Canada’s top ranked Elvis Tribute Artists. He has also claimed numerous titles across Canada and the United States including 2-time Collingwood Elvis Festival Grand Champion, Toronto Elvis Festival Grand Champion, Best Performer at the Las Vegas Elvis Festival, and ranked one of top 10 Tribute Artists in the world, a title acquired at the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Competition organized by Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis, Tennessee! In 2010, Pete retired from the competition world and brought his portrayal of Elvis to a new level, self-producing his show, “The Elvis Concert.”

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PORT DOVER (September 23): Click For TICKETS!
GANANOQUE (October 28): Click For TICKETS!
BLYTH (November 11): Click For TICKETS!

Video From - "The Elvis Concert"


About "The Legendary Patsy Cline Show" with Amberley Beatty

When Amberley Beatty steps on stage, the very spirit, the very soul of one of the greatest singers in the history of Pop and Country music comes to life as the legendary Patsy Cline. Patsy Cline’s two diverse looks are captured in evening gown and Western style dress complete with the sultry sound and bright red lipstick of the early 1960s. And so begins this magical ride. For those fans who would never see the real Patsy Cline perform live, they will be brought as close as can be when Amberley captures her essence in every note she sings – and she’ll have a heck of a lot of fun doing it too – expect to sing along, laugh, and at times be brought to tears by this very special performance.

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CHATHAM (October 21): Click For TICKETS!
BLYTH (October 22): Click For TICKETS!
GANANOQUE (October 27): Click For TICKETS!

Video of Amberley Beatty as Patsy Cline


About "Honky Tonk Gal" Amberley Beatty's Loretta Lynn Tribute

Canada’a tribute queen, Amberley Beatty, will set the stage and deliver a spine- tingling concert performance in her new show "Honky Tonk Gal," a special tribute dedicated to "the first lady of Country music," the legendary Loretta Lynn. Lynn’s vast body of work, covering more than 6 decades, is what Amberley Beatty describes as "an inspiration gold mine." This new show will showcase the most popular and best-loved of Loretta Lynn’s songs. Get ready to be moved, mesmerized, and dazzled with this new show, accompanied by a full band. "Honky Tonk Gal" featuring Amberley Beatty as you’ve never seen her before.

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ALLISTON (October 26): Tickets on sale soon!

Video of Amberley Beatty as Loretta Lynn

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